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Quality Testing, LLC (QT) first opened our doors in the year 2000 and we have been helping owner agencies, contractors, construction managers, engineering consultants, and private developers achieve and document the quality of their construction activities and processes ever since. We offer a broad variety of services to our clients, and while our services have certainly evolved over the past 10 years, our guiding light has always remained the pursuit of quality construction and thorough and accurate documentation.  Our success depends entirely on our ability to provide services that consistently meet the justifiably high expectations of our clients in the civil engineering and public works heavy construction world.

QT is prepared to meet this challenge.  We have the appropriate AASHTO accreditations, a vast inventory of field and laboratory testing equipment, a high tech approach to information management and presentation, a dedication to employee training and safety awareness, a strong core management staff with solid materials testing, engineering and construction management experience and an extremely deep pool of qualified personnel to draw upon.  Clearly, there is a good reason why WE MAKE QUALITY OUR BUSINESS.

MISSION STATEMENT: Serving the construction industry, QT seeks to provide a comprehensive array of services that support the overall quality and value objectives of our public agency, contractor, consultant, and private entity clients.  Our goal is to earn and maintain the trust and confidence of our clients by building a history of consistent, accurate, and reliable service, one project at a time.  We routinely evaluate every aspect of our organization, and understanding that client satisfaction is a prerequisite for success in our industry; we are committed to continuously evolving our systems, processes, deliverable products, service standards and operational protocol with the client in mind.  We always seek to apply technology in an innovative and efficient manner with the objective of achieving reliable, accurate, well documented, organized and generally superior services at an appropriate and competitive cost.  We always provide safe, healthy and environmentally conscious working conditions to our employees and we seek to create an atmosphere encouraging personal and professional growth and recognizing achievement and loyalty.  We always maintain the highest moral, ethical and legal standards in all our dealings and we believe that by staying true to our mission, the quality of this company, and our ability to sustain healthy growth, will continue to improve.