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Jan 012015

APMS CollageThe general aviation airport system in Arizona is a multi-million dollar investment of public and private funds that must be protected and preserved. To this end, ADOT’s Aeronautics Group has developed an Airport Pavement Management System (APMS) to help smaller local aviation entities manage their pavements and related facilities efficiently and effectively. Every year the Aeronautics Group, utilizing the APMS, identifies airport pavement maintenance projects eligible for funding for the upcoming five years.  Once a project has been identified and approved for funding, the airport sponsor may elect to accept a state grant for the project and not participate in the program, or the airport sponsor may sign an intergovernment agreement (IGA) with the Aeronautics Group to participate, after which a construction project is then developed, designed, bid and constructed.

It is the goal of the APMS program to assure that airport pavements are maintained over time such that their overall useful life is extended.  In 2014, the ADOT Aeronautical Group hired a consultant team to implement and carry out the APMS program on behalf of ADOT.  QT was part of the selected consultant team and is currently providing materials management and planning services during design development, and materials testing and documentation during construction.  During the first year of this contract,  the 2013/2014 program year, there were a total of thirty separate aviation pavement rehabilitation and maintenance projects spread throughout the State that were developed and managed by the APMS consultant team.



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