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Jan 082015

AC_CollageMaterials Laboratory Testing Oriented Contracts: Over the past fifteen years, QT has successfully performed quality control testing, acceptance testing or materials coordination services on several hundred ADOT projects. In 2001 QT was selected by ADOT for an On-Call Materials Acceptance Testing contract and in 2002 ADOT selected them for an Asphalt Concrete Referee Testing contract.  Since those initial selections, QT has been reselected by ADOT for each of these contracts at every possible opportunity.  As evidenced by the initial selections on these materials oriented ADOT On-Call contracts, and then by the multiple repeat selections that followed, QT has clearly earned the confidence of the ADOT Materials Group, the Districts and the Construction Section.

Full Service Construction Administration Contracts: While QT frequently provides Field Technicians, Laboratory Technicians and Materials Coordinators to fulfill testing and materials information management needs, QT’s services extend far beyond materials testing. QT routinely serves on ADOT projects in the traditional construction administration roles that include Resident Engineer, Chief Inspector, Lead Inspector, Materials Coordinator, Civil Inspector, Structures Inspector, Hot Plant Inspector, Electrical Inspector, Construction Office Manager/Support, and Materials Testing Technician. QT’s ADOT construction administration type work has come through multiple subconsultant agreements on ADOT Statewide On-Call Construction Administration contracts [(30) projects] and on  ADOT Project Specific Full Service Construction Administration contracts [(12) twelve projects].




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