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handshakeHere at Quality Testing, LLC, we often get inquiries from engineers, inspectors, field testing technicians, and other construction administration professionals asking if we are hiring.  There is not always a straight “yes” or “no” answer to that question.  The reason is because we are always looking for high quality individuals to join our team.  We may not always have an unfilled position that we’re actively seeking to fill, but at the same time, if the right person, with the right skill set and the right attitude comes along at the right time, it may just be a perfect fit.

With between 50 and 75 employees, QT is still a relatively small company that is genuinely dedicated to quality, and we know that an important component to our success is our people.  We go to great lengths to treat our people fairly and offer them competitive wages and benefit packages.  We give our people the tools they need to do their jobs correctly and efficiently, which of course includes appropriate training and the opportunity for technical certification.   QT is here to stay and if you’d like to build your future with us, by all means, go to the CONTACT page where you can send us an email or get the number to call us directly.

Even if we’re not in the hiring mode at the time you contact us, we always expect that we will be in that mode in the near future.  If you are already interested in joining our company, or if you are just testing the waters to see what’s out there, don’t hesitate.   We can’t consider hiring you if we don’t know you’re out there.