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087 Special InspectionQT has successfully served as prime consultant, or subconsultant, on over 2000 heavy construction public works projects during the past 15 years.  We have served in a wide range of roles on these projects by providing services that include both materials testing and inspection, depending on client defined needs.  The amount of repeat business that QT receives is a testament to our ability to continually meet our clients’ needs, schedules, and budgets.

QT’s customers include owner agencies, contractors, consultants, and developers.  Our specific role on a specific project will vary based on specific client needs; however, in nearly all cases, an Owner Agency will occupy the 094 L202 AC Pavingapex of the Quality Organizational Chart.  Rather than list all projects in which QT has ever been involved, our intent on this page is to demonstrate that we have worked either directly, or within the subcontractor chain, for a very large number of Owner Agencies.  As a result of our vast experience, we understand that procedures, policies, practices, and requirements vary from one Owner Agency to another, and we have become quite accustomed to tailoring our services to best suit the situation.

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