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Construction Inspection


Most of QT’s services are classified as Construction Administration, or more broadly, Construction Management type activities. With experience encompassing most types of construction, QT routinely administers construction contracts on behalf of public works and private owners. In this capacity, we can serve as either the prime consultant filling all positions within the construction oversight organization, or as a subconsultant providing select positions within a large collaborative team effort.


We can provide Resident Engineers, Chief Inspectors, Special Inspectors, Primary and Support Inspectors, Quality Control and Quality Assurance Program Managers and other support personnel, Materials Coordinators, Construction Office Managers, Office Administrators and Surveyors, and Materials Testing Technicians of all experience levels and with various areas of expertise.


QT has significant experience working on all types of projects for all types of owner agencies. We often service projects involving the construction of: freeways, surface streets, highways, bridges and other roadway related facilities; runways, taxilanes, aprons, terminals and other aviation facilities; light rail systems, elevated guideways, bus terminals and stations, and other transit related facilities; cast-in-place walls, MSE walls, tunnels, tied-back wall systems, temporary shoring and other major earth retaining structures; commercial, industrial, public works, and residential buildings; dams, retarding structures, drainage channels, central filters, pump stations, and other flood control oriented facilities; and any other type of heavy civil engineering facilty that involves plans, specifications, and heavy construction. We are familiar with the additional construction administration and documentation requirements associated with Federal Funding and understand the construction administration nuances associated with projects that utilize alternate forms of project delivery such as CM @ Risk, Design/Build, or Job Order contracting.


QT is prepared to be called upon by agencies, contractors, and other consultants to help fulfill a wide variety of construction administration team roles. We can help any team in pursuit of major projects where the selection process is qualifications based, and once the jobs are won, QT can and will help deliver the product as promised by the winning team.