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Geotechnical Services


Infrastructure heavy construction projects almost always involve soil and rock type products; therefore, understanding the behavior of these materials is of vital importance when designing and constructing roadway, rail and building foundation systems; earth retaining structures; tunnels; earth and rockfill dams; and all other facilities that rely in some way upon the behavior of soil and rock. Understanding the engineering properties of the soil and rock used on construction projects can mean the difference between having a properly functioning facility, a facility that only functions marginally with increased maintenance costs and reduced service life, or even a facility that fails entirely.

QT is often contracted to plan and perform geotechnical site investigations, evaluate geotechnical data, and prepare geotechnical recommendations and reports in support of continued project development and future construction. The early geotechnical component of any project has significant impact on the quality and efficiency of future construction, not only by the technical content of reports, but also by the manner in which such technical information is presented. We strive to produce clear, concise and user friendly geotechnical reports, understanding that future users of our reports such as inspectors, owners, government agencies, other engineering consultants and contractors, prefer the most direct approach to the project requirements so that they can assure compliance with confidence.


Advanced Geotechnical Laboratory Testing

Develop Mitigation Measures for Expansive and Collapsible Soils

Borrow Source Identification

Building PAD Certification

Pavement Section Design

Settlement Analysis

Slope Stability

Embankment Design

Foundation & Wall Design

Soil Support Verification