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Quality Program Management


L202 Design BuildConstruction Quality Programs can take on many forms, depending on owner agency resources and preferences, funding agency mandates, project type and size, project delivery mechanism, and numerous other variables.  The most effective programs involve a well orchestrated combination of construction management, verification through inspection and measurement, and physical property and behavior quantification through materials testing.  The basic objective of any quality seeking program is to assure that by the end of the project, compliance with the contract documents has been both achieved and documented.

Most large public works agencies with multi-billion dollar construction programs, for example State highway departments, have developed, implemented, evolved and documented their own procedurally driven Construction Quality Programs, that when applied to all of their projects in aggregate, serves to validate their construction program as a whole.  In fact, even individual mega-projects, typically approaching a hundred million or more in construction value, often utilizing some form of alternate delivery method, employ their own well defined and regimented project specific quality programs in order to satisfy owner requirements, and upstream funding agency obligations.  A well conceived, and properly implemented Construction Quality Program will mandate the procedures and establish the checks and balances that are necessary for achieving consistent quality on very large project or program-wide construction efforts.

Several of QT’s staff have been involved in billion dollar Design-Build highway construction projects where they have played key roles in both the development and implementation of extensive project specific Construction Quality Programs.   During the course of these projects, these same individuals have been subject to rigid formal audit and otherwise regular detailed scrutiny by owner agencies with regard to the content of the Construction Quality Programs, and the diligence with which these programs have been carried out.  Without exception, we have earned the respect and trust of every owner agency we have worked with.  We understand and appreciate why Construction Quality Programs are necessary, we know how to collaborate with our design-build clients and overseeing owner agencies to develop and refine programs for specific projects, and we have proven that we have the resources, commitment, and resilience that it takes to implement them properly.   We are available to help you succeed on your next alternate delivery project that has serious Construction Quality Program expectations.