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Special Inspection


Special Inspection is NOT a discretionary activity. Project specific special inspection programs typically focus on assessing material properties and workmanship associated with the elements of a building that are most critical to it’s structural integrity. The International Building Code (IBC) clearly states the condition under which qualified special inspectors are required to observe, evaluate and document specific construction activities to assure that the approved plans and specifications are being followed and that relevant codes and ordinances are being observed. The special inspection process is in addition to other inspections that may be conducted by the municipal building inspector or by the engineer or architect of record during periodic and intermittent observation. In order to perform a specific type of special inspection, a special inspector must have experience and ICC Certification in the specific area, and must be approved by the local building jurisdiction. QT understands the special inspection process and routinely helps clients meet their special inspection obligations.


  • Engineer of Record (EOR) Services
  • On-Site General Inspection
  • Off-Site Fabrication Inspection
  • Prestressed Concrete Inspection
  • Soils Embankment /Backfill Operations
    – Process/Procedure Evaluation
    – Material Property Verification
  • Pile & Pier Foundations
  • Wall Panel & Connection Inspection
  • Structural Steel
    – High Strength Bolting
    – Welding
  • Reinforced Concrete
    – Reinforcement Inspection
    – Concrete Strength
  • Masonry Construction
  • Timber/Wood Construction
  • Sprayed Fire Resistance