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Jan 042015


Constructing the Central Phoenix-East Valley (CP-EV) Light Rail System involved a large number of individual construction contracts, separated by both geographic area and by construction discipline. All of these contracts involved Federal-funding and hence required that appropriate measures be implemented to ensure that quality standards were achieved and documented to FTA satisfaction.  Over the span of time between 2005 and 2009 QT served on 13 of these contracts in many different roles.  The listing below, with similar scope contracts grouped for demonstration purposes only, identifies QT’s role on each project.

Maintenance & Storage Facility – Building Inspection  – Working as a subconsultant to the overall CP-EV Light Rail corridor construction administrator, QT provided the Lead Structural Inspector on the Maintenance and Storage Facility in Phoenix, AZ.  This multi-building complex, which initially served as the hub for light rail vehicle assembly, and is now the maintenance and operations hub for the entire corridor, occupies 35 acres and consists of three main buildings along with other minor structures.  The main buildings, which together include underground vehicle access bays, a floor hoisting system, a full length mezzanine, a 10-ton crane, roof access openings, a body shop, and a painting room, were constructed using a combination of structural steel, masonry block and concrete.  QT was responsible for monitoring initial site earthwork operations, processing various structural fabrication and erection plans, inspecting the work during construction, documenting compliance status, and assuring that as-built plans and building operations manuals were complete for turning over to the VMR.

Tempe Town Lake Bridge – Quality Control  – QT provided the Contractor Quality Control materials testing for PCL Constructors on the $21 million Tempe Town Lake Bridge constructed across the Salt River just north of downtown Tempe. This bridge was one of the first large contracts to be constructed on the CP-EV Corridor, and as a result, QT played a significant role in defining the quality management and quality control procedures and deliverable standards that would be expected on later projects.

Line Section 1 & Line Section 2 – Quality Control – QT provided Contractor Quality Control materials testing for Kiewit Western and Herzog Construction on Line Sections 1 and 2, respectively.  These projects involved intense initial QT effort developing detailed Sampling and Testing Plans that recognized the appropriate blend of contract special provisions, the MAG Standards, the City of Phoenix MAG Supplements and the ADOT Standards.  Once these testing plans were approved, QT’s testing and reporting activities were monitored closely by agency representatives.  QT’s ability to keep up with the work intensity, and to efficiently organize and clearly report on the very large volume of test data generated on each project was praised by oversight personnel.

Line Section 4 & Line Section 5 – Quality Assurance – QT provided Quality Assurance materials testing for the VMR Construction Administrator on Line Sections 4 and 5.  In this role, QT served the Resident Engineer on an on-call basis to perform field and laboratory testing.  QT’s QA test results were utilized to assist the agency in evaluating the reliability and effectiveness of the QC testing that was being performed by others on these sections.  On Line Section 5, QT also assisted the Resident Engineer by providing continuous Construction Office Administration personnel and providing an on-call Structures Inspector during the widening of the Apache Bridge over ADOT’s L101 Freeway.

Traction Power Buildings & OCS – Quality Control / Special Inspection – QT provided Contractor Quality Control materials testing and inspection for Mass Electric on the corridor-wide contracts to install power pole foundations and numerous power supply substation buildings.  QT also provided all QC inspection for all site soils, concrete, masonry block, and structural steel work associated with these buildings.  In addition, QT was responsible for the PAD certification of the buildings.

Park & Ride Stations 1, 2, 5 & 6 – Quality Control & Quality Assurance – QT provided Contractor Quality Control materials testing for Kiewit Western on Park & Rides 1 and 2, and provided Quality Assurance materials testing for the Resident Engineer on Park & Rides 5 and 6.

Station Finishes – Special Inspection – QT assisted the Resident Engineer with special inspection associated with the numerous passenger stations located all along the corridor.

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